k r e b a m sic

just wondering

while i was driving home tonight i said
"are you okay?" out loud
and i have no idea who i was talking to.

— 1 year ago with 2 notes

i wake up on my back and open my eyes to see the
white strips of flat light thrown onto the wall.

i get out of bed.

i make coffee, look through the only magazine on the counter,
open the back door and step outside.

my eyes close again on their own, but not from tiredness.

soon a warm wind picks up,
soon a warm wind picks up and raises everything.

— 1 year ago
green and black

4am the air is as dead cold as its gonna get
and its safe for snails to cross my driveway
godspeed to them its gonna be warm today wherever their hiding place is
thankgod for me though I sure as shit could use it

— 1 year ago

i went for walks.

felt both of our pain instead of 
only mine.

i shed the old skin,
and let it trail behind me.

— 1 year ago
under light

a new moon phase begins over US highway 1.
i can’t tell if it’s cigarette smoke or water vapor coming out of our
you make a comment about how it’s nice to see my entire face now
because we aren’t in the dark anymore.

— 1 year ago with 1 note
old haunts’ plastic guilt

there’s a ghost
vibrating in my pocket.

there are ghosts living in my email inbox.

ghosts come in the mail.
some of them get sent back unopened.
some sit unopened, on a dresser in new jersey.

some get lost in the mail,
but i don’t contact the united states post office about it.

it’s hard.
ignoring them.
not ignoring them.

but it’s not too hard.

and that’s the worst part, isn’t it?

— 2 years ago
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lame horse

it’s the same process.

a series of text messages.


a few words on a sheet of paper.

mild drama to propel your life
from an autonomous cycle of work,
but never too affecting
to better you or
reduce you to
a puddle.

— 2 years ago
last thought

we were actually
too many people
flickering through time
ranting angrily and
and never syncing at exactly the right

— 2 years ago